Handworks & Artisans

No skilled artisan lives in poverty!

For artisans and their handworks, we intend to revive the dying handicrafts and handlooms of India by marketing and selling them to the world. We are looking forward to plow back profits, partly into artisan communities for their welfare. These finances will better their lives, upgrade skills, and revive Indian art, heritage and culture.

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Why Handworks & Artisans?

Indian handlooms and handicrafts have a great demand in the global market. However, only a few pockets can tap that market owing to lack of marketing skills and finances to take them across the globe.

There are many skilled artisans who stand by their skills in the lost arcade of the handworks domain. Charista Foundation is looking forward to cater to such artisans by upgrading their skills, helping them create more functional handworks to showcase to the world. 

We are looking forward to work with the central and state governments to locate these pockets of understated art forms, analyze a brief history and create a roadmap for them to come forward and work alongside us.

Our marketing expertise along with consultation will help them create better and beautiful products, making them as sought after as other Indian handicrafts. We are creating an independent platform to showcase them to the world.

We understand the enormity of the challenge, but it is worth the effort, our belief…!

Our resolution

Everything cause begins with a small step. In this direction, we have begun research in 2 states of India with volunteers and we have been able to isolate a few pockets that need help. After some travel, discussions and interviews, we are working on a roadmap based on analyzed data.

We have started discussions with the local governments to find out what they have already done for them and why those efforts failed. This phase could be a little time-consuming, but we are learning from the experience to create a smooth process.

Meanwhile, we are also creating a marketing platform on the web parallelly to ensure no more delays in taking this cause off the ground. We hope to be there by end of 2022 and we are sure we can count on your support.

What inspires us to support artisans?

We have a penchant for handmade products. As much as possible, we try to integrate handmade materials into our daily lives because it makes us proud of our culture, feel more humane and creates an ambiance of heritage. After a little research and travel, we realized how much an artisan loses, in making us feel proud. It is our duty to ensure his/her wellbeing.


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