Elder psychological care

Create a society where no elder is abandoned or lonely!

Our elder care initiative caters to the psychological needs of the elderly to bail them out of loneliness, social isolation and the resultant depression. The aim is to make them an active, living part of the society and use their experience and intellect to benefit the young and talented.

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Why elder psychological care?

Elder care is not a new idea. There are so many free, as well as commercial communities, catering to physiological and living needs of the elderly. We do not want to reinvent the wheel. After qualitative research over the years, we found that the physical needs are not the actual concern, finances take care of it.

The genuine or more critical need of the day is to cater to their loneliness. Loneliness is a major disease that turns into depression and reduces mortality. We are working towards resolving this condition by giving elders the opportunity to use their intellect for useful purposes.

With elder abandonment on the rise, irrespective of reasons attributed to it, the need for elder psychological care is only growing. It is time we, as children or grandchildren, we bent our backs and took care of them. “We are… because they were.”

Gratitude, we promise, is a satisfying and a joyous experience. Try it sometime!

Our resolution

The first step towards catering to this cause is to raise awareness. For this very reason, we produced a social short – ‘Poonam’. It has won rave reviews and a multitude of awards, both national and international.

The next step for us is to take action from this awareness and insights, and build a panel of chosen psychotherapists to ease elderly loneliness through counseling and other supportive means.

We are also looking to create a life-skill training system to engage elder experience for greater good. This eco-system, in the future, will help elders to involve themselves in the mainstream. It will help youngsters to gain from elder’s experience and skills. A blueprint on this is approaching the finish line.

What inspired us to produce Poonam?

Our trustees have a long and passionate experience in elder care for many years. To give our thoughts and ideas a form, Charista Foundation came into existence. The elder care we offer needs a lot of awareness across demographies, specially in the scenario that elders are averse to discuss it. And thus, ‘Poonam’ was born.


Poonam – The trailer

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