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No underprivileged next-gen is left unskilled!

Our art & artists initiative caters to highly talented artists and the talented under-privileged children who have a penchant to learn any of the performing arts. The aim is to help artists market themselves on a social scale, to market them, and use their skills to train budding underprivileged children to become artists.

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Why Art & Artists?

There are many talented artists who are not on the performing stage. And society or the event companies do not know about them. We help expose them to connoisseurs of art and culture in the same city, so that they find opportunities to perform and grow.

The critical need of the day is to expose these artists to the right audience through an event where the invitees can see them perform and assess. This is followed by networking over snacks and beverages. We call this event ‘Jalsa’ and it is an effort to revive the old Indian culture, wherein such performances were arranged at home, followed by food.

After the performance and we ask the artists to adopt the art-education for under- privileged children. Most artists accomodate and we monitor continuous progress to make the effort a success.

Our aim is to ensure that the child completes the education and grows into a performer, a primary or an alternate career, going into the future. We look to showcasing them on ‘Jalsa’ in the future.

Working with such children is a gratifying expereince, truly!

Our resolution

We started this cause to ensure two-pronged growth. One, to get talented artists on the stage and second, to ensure that under-privileged children should not remain so once they grow up. Society has applauded ‘Jalsa’ and it created its own niche. Invitees keep asking us for more.

The next step is to ensure that children’s learning will progress and perfect their art to perform at the world-stage. Meanwhile, we will also look to increase their numbers by careful selection and assessment.

Going into the future, we are looking to create a space for art and artists to cover more arts and get more children to learn. A quiet and space where only learning matters and children can stay, live and learn.

What inspired us to begin Jalsa?

Our innate interest in Indian culture and traditions inspired us to revive the old era of intimate or private concerts as a platform to give opportunities to lesser known talent and educate a niche audience about supporting art and artists. ‘Jalsa’ was the outcome.


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We cannot do it alone.

We need champions.

Volunteer, get involved, speak out, or become a donor to help child artists, artisans and the aged, a fair chance to live and succeed.