Charista Foundation

Our fund-raisers & events

Any charity, to fulfill its objectives, needs funds. Either through donations or monthly subscriptions from you. The rest comes from fundraisers. For the cause of the aged, we conduct sound-healing sessions to help minimize their stress and depression in group and single consulting modes. We are also working towards sensitizing the society in all demographics and across geographies through our home production ‘Poonam.’


We organize fundraising events like the monthly ‘Jalsa’ that supports, encourages and markets highly talented but lesser-known artists. The invitees are limited and they are the connoisseurs in their own domains with a deep interest in art and culture. The event comes with networking opportunities over sumptuous food and beverages.


In public forums, we organize, promote and market theater events and social movies to raise funds for our causes. These funds go towards upbringing child artists from financially backward communities.


20+ Events

Over the last 2 years, we have been able to organize and conduct over 20 events as ‘Jalsa’, a couple of theatrical plays and multiple screenings of ‘Poonam’. Could have been more, but for the pandemic that affected all walks of life.

These events have helped us to mobilize funds, however little, and they have helped us to raise the bar on social awareness and our own understanding.

We look forward to organizing more and more events, not only to raise funds but also to take ‘Poonam’ along and raise social awareness of the importance of elders in our lives.

Mission & Vision

Charista Foundation was born out of the perceived needs of the society, our trustees having worked for long in the elderly care, art and artisan domains. A cleaner and greener planet is the global need going forward. We believe in doing our bit for the society and help evolve a better and a prosperous one.


Charista Foundation tries to ease elder suffering with psychological care, preserves Indian Art & Culture by training underprivileged children, improves artisan lives by marketing their handmade products and creates a greener planet with recyclable utilitarian products.

  • Create a society where no elder is abandoned or lonely!
  • No underprivileged next-gen is left unskilled!
  • No skilled artisan lives in poverty! &
  • A green planet without pollutants and related disease!



Shilpi Das Chohan

Founder & Trustee


Owner @ Shilpi’s Voice & Visuals, Shilpi Das Chohn is a well-known voice-over artist, personal voice coach, certified sound healer and an artist mentor. She comes with a total domain experience of over 20 years.


A management professional and an NLP Master Practitioner, Shilpi comes with extensive corporate experience that includes marketing, business development and training. She has facilitated training programs across the country for 2000+ corporate executives from various domains.

Mission & Vision

As an artist,  Shilpi strongly believes that art needs patronising. As a philanthropist she promotes art and supports social causes with the belief that art & philanthropy go hand in hand. She aspires to bridge the gap between artists and philanthropists by providing a trustworthy platform to promote art… Being a philanthropist at heart, giving back to the society comes to her naturally by actively contributing to social causes, especially eldercare. With wonderful interpersonal skill and as our trustee, her go-getting attitude is foundational to our success.


Anil Kumar Pammidimukkala

Managing Trustee


Founder & Chief of Marketing Officer @ efficaci (Precipio Technologies Private Limited), Anil is a widely known digital marketing professional with a total domain expertise and experience of over 34 years.


With years of corporate experience cut short by his zeal for entrepreneurship, Anil is known as a go-getter and has a panache for marketing. He has varied interests in psychology, culinary pursuits, research, reading, writing, mentoring, music, theatre, cinema, driving, handlooms & handicrafts  and web technologies.

Mission & Vision

Anil’s experience in elderly care and artisan support (as a past profession), extensive travel experience, and a deep understanding of relationships and human psyche makes him the ideal choice as our Managing Trustee. His experience, enthusiasm, drive, motivation and the positive attitude are an icing on the cake for us, as he uses all his experience and thought in every action he takes. His techno-marketing skills, of course, have come in handy whenever we need to get a new project or a gig going along with his business accumen and decision-making.





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